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The Humanitarian

As a former member of the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters, Choo Smith learned about the importance of community involvement and support. The Globetrotters demonstrated through their actions how important community involvement was to their organization. Choo adopted their philosophy and added to it.

Over the years Choo has been involved in various social initiatives. He along with the Baltimore Ravens donated coats to the homeless men in Baltimore, Toy give-a-way to underprivileged children in partnership with Diakon Katherine’s Closet, Choo began his own Thanksgiving turkey Give-a-way to 30 families in the Baltimore Sandtown community.

Choo has also participated in several overseas goodwill missions. He traveled to Israel with current and former NBA players under the Sports Power International trip, he also traveled to Haiti with former NBA and WNBA players under the NBRPA goodwill trip.

Choo continues to create and develop ways to help build his community and the youth and families the Choo Smith Youth Empowerment organization serves.

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