2018 Team Choo in Review

2018 Team Choo in Review

Choo Smith made the decision to start grooming athletes at a younger age.  He noticed that when the athletes are coming to us at the age of 14 they are bringing over some bad habits and lack of understanding on how the game of basketball is played.  Choo made the decision to add to the Team Choo roster a 9U Team Choo team.  The 2018 Team Choo Rosters consisted of  9U, 14U, 16U and 17U Boys and 2019 Girls.

2018 Team Choo 9U

Team Choo Inaugural season was a huge success.  They made it to 3 Championship games and  won their first tournament in the Battle at the Beach.

Team Choo Girls 2019 team stepped up and won the Battle at the Beach Tournament ion Ocean City Maryland.  The young ladies made their second appearance in the major tournament of the season in Kentucky, Run for the Roses, National Basketball Exposure Tournament.  One of the 5 largest Girls Exposure Events in the country.  600 College Coaches in attendance Over 800 teams participated last year!

Team Choo 16U had an outstanding season.  They won the  Hoop Group Spring Jam Fest Tournament.  Ben Murphy was the MVP for the tournament.  They made it to two championship games, one elite 8 and a final four game.

The 2018 Team Choo 17U Boys had a grueling schedule.  They played in all platinum brackets for all 6 tournaments.  They competed every game.

Team Choo 17U Boys players received a Division 2 athletic scholarship and one of the 2019 Girls received a Division II Athletic and academic Scholarship.

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