2019 Team Choo in Review

Team Choo in Review

2019 Team Choo in Review

Team Choo entered its 5th year.  The majority of the players from the 9U and 14U Team choo Boys returned to Team Choo.   Team Choo added a new age group, Team Choo 12U.  Choo Smith and director Lamont “Speedy” Pennick made the decision to have the 15 year old players to play up in the 16U age group. The 2019 Team Choo Rosters consisted of  10U, 12U, 16U and 17U Boys.

Team Choo 10U

Team Choo 10U which was made up of 96% returning players from the previous year with addition of one new player had another great season. They made it to 5 Championship games. Team Choo 10U had their first repeat win in the Battle of the Beach Tournament. In total they won 4 championships and took 2nd place in another tournament. Team Choo 10U ended their season 23-2

Team Choo 12U

This was the inaugural season for Team Choo 12U. This was the first year these young athletes played together. They ended the season 4-12

Team Choo 16U

Over half of the 2019 Team choo 16U was comprised of players from the 2018 Team Choo 14U. There record was not an indicator of the success of the team. They won one championship game and ended the season 12-11. The majority of their losses were lost by 2 to 4 points.

Team Choo 17U

The 2019 Team Choo 17U had a great season. They won one championship, advanced to 1 elite 8 and 1 final four game. Four players received athletic scholarships.

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