Scholarly Athlete Training

Why is this so important?

The need for youth sports and after school mentoring programs is validated and magnified by the information that attributes long-term value to participants in these programs. Numerous studies document the direct value of youth participation in sports. These studies indicate a direct correlation demonstrating that involvement in sports results in reducing the potential to become involved in drugs, sex, crime, and gang-related behaviors. Research indicates the economic, social, and personal value of “investing” in the lives of children in a positive and constructive manner avoids the social and penal system costs that may later result.

Choo Smith Youth Empowerment Inc. offers an experience that serves as a personal “sports reference” for participants throughout their lives. You will also see from the measurable outcomes be-low that these important academic benefits continue to validate the Scholarly Athlete Training Program all year round concept program and college/or work readiness skills. This service reduces the stress and expense of after school care while providing the youth with opportunities outside of the school day to succeed in their school, community, and life.

Cost of the Scholarly Athlete Training Program:

Serving at least six schools, this after school program meets approximately 25 hours, 7 days a week, serving each child at least 3 hours a week. The cost to the families is subsidized by the non-profit costing families only $500, and sometimes free, for the entire program whether they choose the 4, 6 or 8-week sessions. The operational cost however for just the 4-week program is $2,500. As for the athletic component, ideally, it requires four coaches, four days a week at a cost of $150 per day, bringing it at an operational cost of $600 a week. As it stands, the organization has only one coach for free

– Some of the young athletes that have benefited from the program are:
– Daniel Shand increased GPA from 1.9 to 2.5/increased SAT scores by 500 points (Full Athletic scholarship to Barton College, NC)
– Justin Jennifer increased GPA to 3.8 (Committed to Cincinnati full athletic scholarship) Zion Jordan (Entered college at 14 years old)
– Jawan Dorsey increased SAT scores by 360 points (Scholarship to Frostburg University, December 2018 Graduate with a BS degree in Communication)
– Randy Roberts (Entered college at 13 (Civil Engineering Scholarship at Morgan State University) Shiloh Jordan (Entered college by 13 and received UMBC Myerhoff Scholarship, in Security Engineering)
– Bethany Green (Entered college by 15, received a scholarship to University of Baltimore Law School)

Past Funding Sources:
We have received funding from Macy’s Corporate Giving, Toyota, WBAL, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Harlem Globe-trotters, State Farm Foundation, Nationwide Insurance, MECU, PNC Bank, BB&T Bank, Derrick Mason Foundation, Ed Reed Foundation, Matt Stover Foundation. Chesapeake Urology, Commercial Interiors, Big Steaks Management, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, University of the District of Columbia, Frosty Refrigeration, Joe Mann’s Awards, Simply Elegant, Delmock Technologies, Venable, The Harbor Bank of Maryland, Wells Fargo Bank, Modell’s Warnock Foundation, Seawall Development, and Cal Ripken Foundation.

Non Profit Partnerships:
We have formed partnerships with Derrick Mason Foundation, Michael Phelps Foundation, Allen Houston Foundation, Tally Ho Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy, Movement Team, NBRPA( National Basketball Retired Players Association), International Rett Syndrome Foundation, Cal Ripken Foundation, and Pathfinders for Autism. We have participated in their fundraising events as well as they have been a support to our organization.

Brand Reach The Choo Smith brand has been in existence since 2005. In the last three years, the Choo Smith brand has been very active in the community and has increased our visual awareness to reach over 10 million viewers. This has been accomplished through interviews on major television networks (WBAL Sunday morning news with Lisa Robinson, school appearance coverage from Tim Tooten, ABC 2 News Saturday morning interview with Shiree Johnson, cable television show Amplify Baltimore and 2012 campaign Stay Healthy to Be Active PSA on Fox 45) and appearances on national television programs (featured on the ABC reality show Ball Boys and ESPN Rise National High School Invitational Tournament halftime show 2010-2012). In 2014 Choo Smith was named one of the faces of Baltimore in the Visit Baltimore campaign. Choo’s contact for Visit Baltimore was extended 2 more years to 2019.

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